mardi 20 août 2013

ryan crowley.


To be honest, I cannot wrap my head around what it would take to make a sculpture.  Not only are there two dimensional issues to address, artists must also then grapple with gravity and the tricky disconnect between the materials used and the larger representation in space.  An artist who is way too successful at meeting these challenges is my buddy Ryan Crowley.  His sculptures are like pop culture regurgitations.  Cartoon clichés, corny logos, and American food products are processed into perverse ideological hybrids.  I like Ryan’s work because it’s like encountering an inside joke you didn’t realize you were part of.  They’re nostalgic, critical, and a bit loony all at once.




Ryan’s in the process of cooking up a website, but he can be reached at  His sculpture, Boot, can also be found in the Tower Lobby at Massachusetts College of Art and Design.  Check it out!



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