vendredi 23 août 2013

5k 2k9

It sounded like a good idea in May when the highs were in the 80s.But on the morning when I woke up to find this in my front yard:running 3.2 miles did not sound like a good idea anymore.Unfortunately, I’m a big girl and big girls don’t cry back out on their friends when the weather gets crappy, so I bundled up and exited my house at 8:30am Saturday morning, leaving OBaby in DanO’s care.The race itself was the Alexandra House Walk for Hope (but I swear we did the 5k run). It is domestic violence awareness month and the Alexandra House provides 24-hour emergency shelter, support services, and advocacy to victims of domestic and sexual violence across the state of Minnesota [information from their website]. It was incredible to see people wearing ‘In Memory Of’ shirts and to hear some of the talks before the race about what we can do in our community to help the cause of ending domestic violence.What can I do? I can freeze my butt off for 5 kilometers, that’s what I can do. So freeze we did for miles while avoiding ice patches (I’m not kidding, they were everywhere), reading statistics signs that were along the course (did you know that 1 in 4 women will experience sexual abuse in their lifetime?), and walkslashjogging our way to the finish line. It was a pretty great experience.Not to mention the greeting party waiting for us on the other side of the balloon-arch.DanO had successfully packed up the whole O My Fam and brought them out to cheer on mommy and Aunt Cindy as we crossed the finish line. The man is incredible! Packed the diaper bag, ate breakfast, dressed OBaby, heated up a bottle, got both OBaby and Pearl into the car, and then got them from the car to the race.What. A. Man.My little Minnesotan baby bear with his very first pink cheeks and nose.The impressive strap-the-dog-to-the-stroller solution DanO came up with to get the whole brood out of the house.So, after all that walkslashjogging, I’m not sure which is more impressive:That I can move my 12 weeks postpartum bum for 3.2 miles in the snoworthat DanO can juggle being Mr. Mom for a morning and still come out smiling.Winners all around.

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