jeudi 8 août 2013

loyalty blood..


first we had birds, then deer, then horses, then owls...all as the latest animal de rigueur. well, i'm calling it now. wolves. yep, wolves are next. i'm just saying. i may be wrong...but i for one, want to kick off the craze w/ this rad tote bag by loyalty & blood. but, i don't really want to stop there either i want to add some hawks in the picture w/ L&B's olive hoodie. perhaps i need some layering, how about the spiral tee? oh, and don't get me started on the osprey mirrored earrings they've got. seriously, i'm dying for payday over here. well, regardless of my fashion quandry check out loyalty & blood's etsy shop. they've got a little chicness of everything for all animal lovers.


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