vendredi 27 septembre 2013

Proview sues Apple in the US over iPad trademark infringement

Proview Electronics has filed a lawsuit against Apple in California over the alleged infringement of its iPad trademark, bringing the bitter dispute that has been raging in China to US soil.

The struggling technology company filed a lawsuit on 17 February at the Santa Clara Superior Court, according to Alice Wang, a spokesperson for Proview.Proview failed to secure a sales ban of Apples iPad tablets in Shanghai earlier this week, but it is not giving Apple time to breathe a sigh of relief. By going after Apples home market, where an injunction could prove disastrous, it might be hoping that the company will buckle and strike a deal to put an end to the legal tangle.Proview registered the iPad name in 2000, ten years before Apple launched its popular device. However, Apple claims that a Proview subsidiary sold it the rights in 2009 for £35,000, a rather measly sum of money given the success of the iPad.Proview once dominated the monitor market when display panels used cathode-ray tubes. Failure to quickly adapt to the LCD market has caused the company to virtually collapse, landing it with excessive debt and forcing the Hong Kong Stock Exchange to delist its shares. It therefore desperately needs additional funding and Apple has plenty to offer.Source: Associated Press

mardi 24 septembre 2013

interview jeremiah maddock..


recently i was fortunate enough to be introduced to jeremiah maddock through the good peeps over at paper monster. jeremiah's work is so delicately intricate and amazing. i was blown away by the labyrinthine tiny lines that make up his pieces. his paintings are repetitive beauties.

sadly he doesn't have a website, nor does it sound like he is eager to make one. but he sent me soooo many images, i feel like i have my own private website of his work on my desktop, i'm so excited. i've included a bunch of them here w/ questions jeremiah so enthusiasticly answered for me.


what medium do you like to work in, are you experimenting? what's your fav and why?

mediums are usually whatever i can get my hands on: pens, pencils, markers, water colors, acrylic/ oil paints, wood stains, rust. i make a lot of my own inks from dead pens and markers, either xylene based or rubbing alcohol based. my favorite medium over the last year has been inks and water colors on paper. i like the instant gratification i get from these. they allow me to keep up with myself to the point of acting more as a channel. i also just enjoy watching things seep into paper, some drawings look better on the backside as they bleed through.


what is in the future for you? shows? prints? collabs? why don't you have a website? is there one in the future?

i have a few upcoming month in milan at a place called the flat, michael bevilacqua and massimo carasi are the curators for this. i'm not sure who all is in the show, aside from a few...dan trocchio, michael bevilacqua, scott campbell, bruce richards, and wendell gladstone. this will take place jan. 15.

in may i go to denver for a solo show hosted by andenken gallery who found me through paper monster and faile.

ummm, i have a show in mexico city and right here in bushwick, ny., this spring but am unsure of the dates and the names of the venues

basically, i show where ever i'm invited to unless i dont like the peoples who are asking. i have been making pictures for about 17 years but i have never sought out art shows. that's why i have no website, portfolio, etc. the natural flow of things have been pulling me in desirable directions and i don't want to tamper too much w/ that. maybe i would make a website if i knew how, but i'm not sure.


what did you do for faile? i love those guys. how was it working for/with them? how did it happen?

they went to my show at saved tattoo (scott campbell). i spent three months at saved before it opened painting the pillars inside. pat mcneal liked the way they were done and commissioned me to paint a big wood box for his new son, denim. they were great to work for, they made me keys to there studio and never complained that each night i was there i would drink their whole case of tiger beer. after awhile i think they started filling it back up just for me. they are also great supporters of many upcoming artists.

i should also mention that scott campbell is solely responsible for pulling me out of the woods of whidbey island and putting me in new york to show my pictures, he is the reason anyone out here in new york has ever heard of me. and now faile as well. i also want to mention, these are extraordinary peoples who first started showing my work back in 99.


what artists are you watching right now?

dave schubert (photographer/fine printer/ ), dan trocchio (painter/poet/genius), marty anderson(drawer/ exceptional music of OKAY, poet), wes lang (sick drawings), scott campbell (extraordinary in many respects a walking piece of art), chris johansen( painter who is free), and the butter lady of s.f. ( roams around withlipstick on her cheeks and butter in her hair, amazing self portraitsand rantings on index cards).


can you tell me a little bit about how you sell your work...i hear you set up a suitcase, is this true?

no i don't set up a suitcase, for a 6 month run my wife and son went on tour in her band sleeping people. with no responsibility and very little money i decided to see how long i could go on house sitting gigs and couch surfing. so i carried my studio on my back. day time i would draw in the hall of this cafe, and at night i had bars i liked because the bartenders would trade me drinks for napkins and or place mats. there were a of couple restaurants that would trade my bill for a place mat. i had never been in public making my pictures before and loved meeting interesting and very kind peoples. i had never been very social up until that point. anyhow the suitcase...people started wanting to know what was inside and i would show them, sometimes i would sell stuff in a restaurant or bar to a stranger, believe it or not at a fair price as well. when i was doing a commission for faile, i went out to smoke a cigarette and had left my backpack open...when i came back inside all of my drawings were up on a table and people asked to purchase a few. ...and later asked for more.

now i have a home, i still have a backpack full of drawings but the suitcase now is seldom necessary.


jeremiah also has a show next week inwilliamsburg that is being held in a vacant apartment for 4 days only,titled "we are friends." opening reception is saturday jan 5th,6 - 11 pm at 119 north 7th street. williamsburg, ny 11211. there is alarge group of very talented peeps in the show, and def worth checkingout.

also, you can purchase original work of jeremiah's through paper monster. a few pieces have sold, but there are still amazing pieces left. put that xmas money to good use! or if you're really'll meet him in a cafe or a bar one of these days.


vendredi 30 août 2013

5 month alligator pictures

I’m not too in love with any of this months pictures.. but here are the best ones! We really need to start taking these pictures when there is more light… And it would be nice if he didn’t feel the need to spit at the camera the whole time! :)

Just for fun I made a little growth chart for us (but you’ll need to click on it if you actually want to see it!)

It’s crazy to see how much he’s really grown. He still just seems like my little baby…

vendredi 23 août 2013

5k 2k9

It sounded like a good idea in May when the highs were in the 80s.But on the morning when I woke up to find this in my front yard:running 3.2 miles did not sound like a good idea anymore.Unfortunately, I’m a big girl and big girls don’t cry back out on their friends when the weather gets crappy, so I bundled up and exited my house at 8:30am Saturday morning, leaving OBaby in DanO’s care.The race itself was the Alexandra House Walk for Hope (but I swear we did the 5k run). It is domestic violence awareness month and the Alexandra House provides 24-hour emergency shelter, support services, and advocacy to victims of domestic and sexual violence across the state of Minnesota [information from their website]. It was incredible to see people wearing ‘In Memory Of’ shirts and to hear some of the talks before the race about what we can do in our community to help the cause of ending domestic violence.What can I do? I can freeze my butt off for 5 kilometers, that’s what I can do. So freeze we did for miles while avoiding ice patches (I’m not kidding, they were everywhere), reading statistics signs that were along the course (did you know that 1 in 4 women will experience sexual abuse in their lifetime?), and walkslashjogging our way to the finish line. It was a pretty great experience.Not to mention the greeting party waiting for us on the other side of the balloon-arch.DanO had successfully packed up the whole O My Fam and brought them out to cheer on mommy and Aunt Cindy as we crossed the finish line. The man is incredible! Packed the diaper bag, ate breakfast, dressed OBaby, heated up a bottle, got both OBaby and Pearl into the car, and then got them from the car to the race.What. A. Man.My little Minnesotan baby bear with his very first pink cheeks and nose.The impressive strap-the-dog-to-the-stroller solution DanO came up with to get the whole brood out of the house.So, after all that walkslashjogging, I’m not sure which is more impressive:That I can move my 12 weeks postpartum bum for 3.2 miles in the snoworthat DanO can juggle being Mr. Mom for a morning and still come out smiling.Winners all around.

will bryant..


will bryant rules. let's just get that out in the open. but too late! it's already out in the open, because anyone who knows will's stuff, knows this to be true. his work is vibrant, bright and full of life. a florescent, magnificent wonder-ocity. (new word, pls give credit whenyou wiki that. k. thanks.) the boy is a walking burst of typography,design and color. his hand lettering is awesome. his hand drawn t-shirts are like nothing else. here are just some of the spots you can get will's stuff:needles & pens, rare device, good records, w00t and his etsy store. if his visual work isn't enough for you, and you need more as you do in these days and times, check out his music: the hooded deer.





mercredi 21 août 2013

daniel szymanowski..


i'm really excited about daniel szymanowski's work. his broad range of paintings and illustrations have a wide depth with a beautifully soft palette. what initially drew me to daniel's work is his line work, color choices and symmetry that whisper a south asian influence. i really dug the subtley to his paintings. i'm also smugly delighted about daniel because he lives and works in boston. yay! please take a look at daniel's website...i honestly gleaned probably like eleven images to post, but then realized that not only is that way too much it's slightly insane. but hell, i get happy sometimes about art i love. so here is an edited version of what i took from daniel's website.






mardi 20 août 2013

ryan crowley.


To be honest, I cannot wrap my head around what it would take to make a sculpture.  Not only are there two dimensional issues to address, artists must also then grapple with gravity and the tricky disconnect between the materials used and the larger representation in space.  An artist who is way too successful at meeting these challenges is my buddy Ryan Crowley.  His sculptures are like pop culture regurgitations.  Cartoon clichés, corny logos, and American food products are processed into perverse ideological hybrids.  I like Ryan’s work because it’s like encountering an inside joke you didn’t realize you were part of.  They’re nostalgic, critical, and a bit loony all at once.




Ryan’s in the process of cooking up a website, but he can be reached at  His sculpture, Boot, can also be found in the Tower Lobby at Massachusetts College of Art and Design.  Check it out!



lundi 19 août 2013

Bill Dunlap the Students of West Nottingham Academy..


Bill Dunlap recently finished up a residency at West Nottingham Academy where he worked on a few murals, one of his own and one with the high school kids from the academy. In his own mural, Bill incorporates Walt Whitman's Song of Myself (1855):




The kids murals, are above and below.



dimanche 18 août 2013

Make Me Babies

I have soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much to do today, and I’m currently right in the middle of a slight melt down.. (Yes, screaming at the top of your lungs at your boss about how sick you are of him flip flopping all the time, and you wish he’d just make up his freakin‘ mind… and then bursting into tears moments before running and locking yourself in the bathroom… only constitutes as a slight melt down in my book!)ANYWAY….I saw this on my baby board forum that I read and had to try it…. Here is baby boy Eaton… This honestly freaks me out a little.. he looks a little too much like me.. and I don’t think he’s very cute…… HOWEVER… he is better than the alternative… Baby Girl E….

Why is she cross eyed?????? And you may keep that comment to your self Ryan!!! I still don’t know if I’ve forgiven you guys yet for never telling me that I have a weird eye…. That’s all for now… I will commence the melt down…..

vendredi 16 août 2013

as life and time progess

Coming to you from the great green northwest which, as these last few days have testified, is nothing like the great white north.It is always such a hoot to come back to your old stomping grounds after a long period away. (Speaking of being ‘from’ Minnesota: hoot? Did I really just use hoot as conventional language?) Sure there are new strip malls around every bend, your favorite lunch place has moved to a new building up the street, and suddenly your home town has it’s own commuter train station, but there’s more than that.There’s the feeling of unexpected shock at how things look around here. There’s that notion that this is all strangely familiar, yet strangely strange at the same time. I’m not as surprised by what is new since I left as I am by what is old yet feels new, feels different.My mental maps are fading of this place. When I needed to get across town, I had to struggle to draw the roads toward each other in my mind until I could see where they met and how I would get there. I’m still not sure I took the most efficient route, but hey. At least I took a route.But those moments of recollection are so great, aren’t they? Despite the duration, faded memories, changes, I could still find my best friend’s house with my eyes closed. The owner of the Teryaki lunch place still remembers me (and thinks my dad’s name is Robby, which it’s not). The cheapest gas is still right outside of town. That street in my old neighborhood still does the Christmas lights on their trees identically.It’s a weird awareness of time and space to come back somewhere being so different from who you were last time you were there. I was not a mom last time I drove these streets, sat at this coffee shop, saw these friends. Much like my old city, a lot has changed for me lately too.

jeudi 15 août 2013

Mon Petit Fantome..


I received a lovely package in the mail the other day from Chad Merritt of Mon Petit Fantome. There was so much care and thought put into the package, I almost didn't want to open it. You know that lasted for about  a minute! But seriously as I tore through the packaging (jooooke, I did open it nice and sweetly as I was raised to do, so...back to the package) in it were beautifully hand cut paper cuts. One of a bear, and in his eyes were silhouettes of a woman, super nice touch. The next was of intricately cut spider webs, my favorite. You can check out prints of these originals here. I can't wait to get some nice frames for them.

He also included a few other jointed shadow puppets, a disc of his music, awesome promotional pics and the way to a girls heart: a doily. I love mail. Thanks Chad!




mardi 13 août 2013

cassandra smith..


Faythe Levine recently brought my forever wandering attention to Milwaukee based artist Cassandra Smith. As you can see form these images, I stopped in my tracks. Cassandra uses Taxidermy and snack cakes in a decidedly unexpected way. Over email Cassandra explained her thoughts on her work and the ideas behind it:

"The taxidermy is sourced from e-bayor from people who were looking to get rid of it.  I try to get it"used" for moral reasons, it makes it easier on my conscience. Thefish, however, are plastic because I wanted uniform repetition, butit's sort of the same concept because they are plastic fish meant to bedisplayed on your wall in place of actual taxidermy. With the animalpieces I was thinking about the combination of masculine and feminineversions of craft, and how they might be represented together.  I alsorealized that traditional craft, taxidermy and art are all just waysfor us to display our accomplishments and talents to other people. Ona simple level, these pieces are also about pattern and form and theway that organic and geometric shapes and patterns play off of oneanother. For the snack pieces Idecided to ignore their edibility and amplify their attractiveness bycovering them in sequins and turning them into wall patterns. This waythey are no longer disposable or forgettable. I wanted to make themsimultaneously more attractive and less obtainable."Besides keeping herself busy with her work, Cassandra is also co owner of The Armoury Gallery.






lundi 12 août 2013

Giveaway from Chronicle Books Whip Up Mini Quilts..


As I mentioned below, there would be a giveaway today of Kathreen Ricketson's new book Whip Up Mini Quilts. I am huge fan of quilts and quilting and looking at those teeny quilts below have me jonesing to get my hands on some serious fat quarters of calico! Leave a comment and three winners will be chosen in 24 hrs. Have fun!

dimanche 11 août 2013

im your buckaroo

Yes. Country music songs are cheesy. and predictable. and repetitive. and usually twangy. But they have such good stories! Seriously you guys, this song makes me want to cry. Or maybe that’s the excessive levels of estrogen and progesterone circulating in my system.Either way, you should watch this video.Ok so, be honest. Are my eyes the only ones watering? ::sniffle::

vendredi 9 août 2013

Sneak Peek Cole Gerst..


Cole Gerst's new group of work Turf Wars focuses on the continued chaos we inflict upon wildlife and the world around us. The heavy portrayal of power lines in his work is deliberate, as Cole was shocked as a child and in his words "continues his obsession with electricity". I'd like to say "oh that's neat", but uhhh, that would come off pretty callous and we all know that's gotta suck as a child, but what is neat is that Cole was and still is able to turn a painful experience into something creative. Right on. Turf Wars opens April 3rd at Ghetto Gloss Gallery.