vendredi 27 septembre 2013

Proview sues Apple in the US over iPad trademark infringement

Proview Electronics has filed a lawsuit against Apple in California over the alleged infringement of its iPad trademark, bringing the bitter dispute that has been raging in China to US soil.

The struggling technology company filed a lawsuit on 17 February at the Santa Clara Superior Court, according to Alice Wang, a spokesperson for Proview.Proview failed to secure a sales ban of Apples iPad tablets in Shanghai earlier this week, but it is not giving Apple time to breathe a sigh of relief. By going after Apples home market, where an injunction could prove disastrous, it might be hoping that the company will buckle and strike a deal to put an end to the legal tangle.Proview registered the iPad name in 2000, ten years before Apple launched its popular device. However, Apple claims that a Proview subsidiary sold it the rights in 2009 for £35,000, a rather measly sum of money given the success of the iPad.Proview once dominated the monitor market when display panels used cathode-ray tubes. Failure to quickly adapt to the LCD market has caused the company to virtually collapse, landing it with excessive debt and forcing the Hong Kong Stock Exchange to delist its shares. It therefore desperately needs additional funding and Apple has plenty to offer.Source: Associated Press

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